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Sifu Richard Wong is a 6th Generation Imperial Yang Tai Chi practitioner. He was formally inducted into the inner circle of Master Wei Shu Ren in 1998.


He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering in 1979 and obtained his MBA from the University of NSW in 1984. He is a management consultant specialising in business process transformation and project management.


Richard started his first martial art training in 1971 learning the Shaolin Ngo Ga kung fu in Malaysia. He trained in that style and its Shaolin hard chi gong for 6 years where he developed the iron fist. He then had his first exposure to a soft martial art in Aikido and studied that for two years before he came to Australia to study. At Melbourne University he continued to study Aikido and the Shaolin Five Ancestor Art for a further 3 years.


Richard also spent some time learning Tae Kwon Do and attained the Black Belt level in 1982.


With Bruce Lee's remarWooden Dummykable debut in the big screen, Wing Chun kung fu became very popular and highly sought after by enthusiasts. Richard of course jumped on the band wagon and learned Wing Chun. What started off as a martial art craze became a life long pursuit. He was so impressed with Wing Chun's simplicity and effectiveness that he made Wing Chun his core combative arsenal. During this time he has learned Wing Chun from various sources but his major learning came from Master Fung Ping Bol who was a direct disciple of the late Grandmaster Yip Man.

The journey into the deeper aspects of martial arts begins


Being a keen martial artist, Sifu Richard engages in continuous study and research into the deeper aspects of martial arts. That inevitably led him to Tai Chi. Since 1988, he has been studying and practicing Tai Chi. He adopted all his Tai Chi principles into his Wing Chun and made it a lot softer than the traditional style. He started learning Cheng Man-Ching Tai Chi with Master Wu Kuo Zhong from Taipei and was initiated into his inner circle in 1989.He also studied briefly with Master Koh Ah Tee from Kuala Lumpur.


Tai Chi in New Zealand

The major turning point in his pursuit of the deeper aspects of martial arts began when he met Master Wei Shu Ren in 1996 in Sydney. Master Wei was giving a seminar to a small group of people. He demonstrated Tai Chi uprooting without shifting his weight! Richard then started learning his Tai Chi and it was not until 1998 that he was initiated into Master Wei's inner circle that his study became serious.


Sifu Richard regularly seeks out other Qi Gong masters in China, America & Malaysia to further his understanding of chi and how it can be used in martial arts. His specific Qi Gong method is based on Taoist tradition and the Da Chen Quan tradition (standing meditation).