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Articles on the Science and Philosophy of Internal Martial Arts





Develop power that lasts through old age!


The internal power of the mind and energy increases with age through the practice of internal martial arts



Looking for long lasting power? Work through the internal ways that build your inner strength that lasts till the end


Dear Friend,


How long can your physical power last? Muay Thai boxers have to retire past the age of 40. It's a depressing thought to think that after 20 years of hard dedicated training in a martial art that focussed on developing physical power, you lose it gradually through old age! It's like investing a big sum of money in an asset which loses its value through time.


Imagine.at the age of 80, you are still able to throw a strong 30-year man without ever puffing from exhaustion. Your body does not show any sign of aging at all and on the contrary it becomes even stronger!


Sound too good to be true?


Well it isn't if you train the right way to develop internal power.To transcend the natural atrophy of the physical body, you need to focus on the mind and energy NOT on the body.


Internal Martial Arts


Discover how you can develop that everlasting internal power


As you move around the site, you will discover why our approach is the most effective in helping you develop this everlasting internal power. You will start to see how things are done opposite to conventional ways.


Tao Zen Wing Chun

Learn to use Chi and Ying and Yang principles to power your Wing Chun. Whilst traditional Wing Chun is every effective, here is an equally effective way requiring a lot less effort:

  •        Unshackle years of physical conditioning that inhibits chi flow
  •        Free the mind to let the body performs at its peak
  •        Apply all the wonderful Wing Chun moves and yet allow the chi to nourish you
  •        Align your body to transfer power from the ground to your opponent


Go to the Tao Zen Wing Chun page for details


Cheng Man-Ching Tai Chi

Learn the inner most secrets that the late Grandmaster Cheng Man-Ching handed down to only a handful of closed door disciples. You will gain incredible health benefits plus great internal power. Cheng Man-Ching was renowned for incorporating his Traditional Chinese Medicine expertise into his Tai Chi with very successful results:

  • Develop deep rooting
  • Activate the waist line to disgorge toxic build up
  • Stimulate the kidneys to enhance Chi flow
  • Cultivate unity of the body, mind and essence


Go to the CMC Tai Chi page for details


Imperial Tai Chi

The well guarded secret is finally out. The Tai Chi as original passed down from Yang Lu Chan and taught exclusively to the Imperial Palace by Yang Chien Hou is now ready to be shared with the world. This is the Tai Chi as taught by Master Wei Shu Ren today:

  • Integrate Spirit, Intention & Chi (Shen, Yi & Qi)
  • Develop the power of the 3 rings and 3 gates
  • Transcend the body through relaxation, dispersion, connection & emptiness (Song, San, Tong, Kung)
  • Harness the power of Chi balls


Go to the Imperial Tai Chi page for details


Chi/Energy Works

Learn specific ways to harness the Universal Chi (life force energy) and refine it within your body. Proven method to tap into the Universal Chi within 3 months:

  • Harmonise the Yin and Yang channels within the body to promote chi flow
  • Still the mind through gentle focus
  • Get the body out of the way to allow chi to flow through
  • Project chi beyond your body



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