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Paul Dong

With Master Paul Dong of Empty Force fame

Reclaim your rights to the abundance of the Universal Chi


Stop putting up with poor health and lack of energy



Here is how you can recharge yourself in just 15 minutes a day


Dear Friend,


Do you find yourself running out of steam before lunch time? The caffeine fix in the morning seems to wear out its stimulating effect and you get even more tired. It is demoralising to realise that you have so many things you want to do but just don't have the energy to do them.


Like batteries that run out of charges, we need to recharge ourselves constantly. Qi Gong (the art of energy) is one of the most effective vehicles to help us recharge ourselves. The good thing is it doesn't take long to practice, only 15 minutes a day and you don't need equipment or lots of space to practise Qi Gong. Qi Gong works on revitalising our Qi channels to allow the Universal Qi to come into our body and flow freely to nourish our cells.


How will these benefits improve the quality of your life:

  • At the end of the day you are still full of energy whilst your colleagues are already burned out
  • You are able to maintain calm and peace despite stressful work situations
  • Your joints are supple and in good working condition
  • You are less prone to illnesses because your immune system has become more robust
  • Even if you fall sick, you find yourself recovering very quickly


All the above benefits are the natural results of practising Qi Gong.

Learn specific ways to harness and refine the Universal Chi (life force energy). Proven method to tap into the Universal Chi within 3 months:

  • Harmonise the Yin and Yang channels within the body to promote chi flow
  • Still the mind through gentle focus
  • Get the body out of the way to allow chi to flow through
  • Project chi beyond your body


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