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Wing Chun Photos

Group photo taken 2007 year end party bash

Garry & Johnston

A typical class in action

Amanda doing a latch & punch with kick to Stephen

Joseph doing an arm lock on Jay

David doing latch & punch with kick

Aaron & Sean doing sticky hands

A friendly exchange of fists between Sebastian & Johnston

Amanda deflecting David's punch with a bong sau

Sifu Richard & Andrew demonstrating sticking hands in Sticking Hands Seminar December 2005



Tai Chi Photos

Early days in Beijing

CMC Tai Chi Lantern Night Demo Team at Cherrybrook

A celebration dinner after a month intensive with Master Wei

CMC Tai Chi culinary gathering - Buddha Leaping Over Wall

Initiation Celebration Dinner


Tai Chi Seminar in Poland October 2007

Explaining structural alignment during Poland seminar

Demonstrating the power of Peng Energy

The Polish Leadership Team